Bye Bye Screen !!


In the current times where we are struggling to keep ourselves sane . It has become very difficult to keep our kids busy or rather to keep them entertain.

With online classes, they are missing the charm of going to school , with indoor activities they are missing playing outdoor games with their friends and don’t just don’t ask about most of the parents headache nowadays – “The Screen Time”.

It has become difficult to keep a tab on what they are watching and for how long they are watching. It’s tug of war with the Rockstar daily for the screen time.

I came along a App “FirstCry Playbees”.

It’s interactive homeschooling app for babies as well as toddlers. It help them to develop interactively amazing skills. It makes learning fun for kids. Now my kid time has turned into educational time. The have so many activities for the kids personalized by age group.

I can access it on up to 5 devices as well as there is new content every week and I can go in setting and set the time limit also from 1 hour to 6 hour. Isn’t it the best thing.

They have Maths, English, Stories, Rhymes, puzzles, animals, shapes , fruits and vegetables and many more categories.

It can even read aloud fairy tales as well as stories with morals to the Rockstar when I am busy . It gives feeling of reading from a book as you flip the pages over.

Even I love to listen to my favorite fairy tales sometimes.

Its a task to make numbers fun for our kids but now its fun for us . There are multiple interactive activities which makes learning numbers easy and fun to learn. Maths becomes a friend and basic concepts gets clear and easier for kids to get their basics strong.

I specially like these stories where they teach in story form about being polite, respect, accepting our mistakes, helping others.

I can use this app not only for Rockstar but as well as for my baby girl also because the age group they have is from 0-6 Years.

So, what are you all parents who are tired of their kid screen time waiting for go and download the app. you get 14 day trial after that you can subscribe according to your preference.

Linking the App below

Android PlayStore –
iOS AppStore –


Happy Mother


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